4 seasons

4 Seasons game by Betsoft is a great example of a new slot that can give you multiple ways to win. It has 30 paylines, which means that players have a chance to win big. In order to win a payout, three symbols must match on an active payline. In this game, the Wild symbol is the highest paying symbol, and if you manage to match 5 of these symbols on the same payline, you’ll receive ten thousand coins.

The game comes with a Seasonal Wheel that bears the images of zodiac animals. This wheel turns every 30 spins, and each season marks a different animal. When the Wheel stops on a golden symbol, you will win a 10x multiplier on your bet. The animals to the left and right of the golden symbol will become 5x and 2x multipliers respectively. This means that if you land on a winning combination of these symbols, you’ll earn a large payout.

A bonus feature in the 4 Seasons slot is the Seasonal Wheel. The wheel is composed of a rotating image that contains the images of zodiac animals. The wheel turns every 30 spins and marks the animal that is ‘golden’. This bonus symbol is worth 10x, while the ones to the left and right will only receive a 5x or a 2x multiplier. A high number of these bonuses can help you build your bankroll faster.

The 4 Seasons slot is designed to appeal to all types of players. With five reels and three rows, it resembles the classic 3-reel video game. Each symbol represents a different animal. The Seasonal Wheel is located at the bottom left corner of the screen, and is triggered by every spin. When the wheel is complete, you’ll receive the next zodiac animal’s payouts. It’s the perfect way to add more fun to your gameplay while keeping your bankroll under control.

The 4 Seasons slot features a Seasonal Wheel. The Seasonal Wheel is a wheel that contains the images of zodiac animals and rotates every 30 spins. The wheel also indicates the animal as ‘golden’ when it lands on an adjacent row. A special symbol will be marked as ‘golden’ if three, four, or five of these symbols appear on the payline. These combinations will result in payouts of 10, twenty, or fifty times the amount of credits you’ve staked.

The 4 Seasons slot is a very clever game. It features animated line win symbols and a dynamic background, and the player can select the values of the coins per credit. The player can also set the number of credits per credit. There are six coin values per credit, and a coin may be worth 0.02 or a whole credit. With a total of twelve credits, a 1,000-coin-valued virtual coin is equivalent to about 50,000 to a thousand credits.